Camp FAQs

Can I switch between classes?
While we don’t prohibit switching between classes you should be aware of a couple of things:a) If you show up for a new class on Wednesday lets say, the teacher can not back up and catch you up with the missed material. You may feel lost.

b) We give out rooms to teachers based on the size of the class. Some rooms may not be able to accomodate more students. We tell our teachers to allow students to move from class to class as long as there is room and it doesn’t affect the teachers “flow.” The teacher has the final say. Please ask them first.

What do the different levels mean?
1) A beginner is someone who has just started playing and or can not yet play at the tempos required to play in jam sessions. Beginner classes focus on rhythm and easy lead.

2) Intermediate players can change chords and play some solos at jam session tempos. These classes focus on rhythm, back up and solos for standard tunes.

3) Advanced players are comfortable playing at jam session tempos. Topics include, special techniques, advanced backup, solo development, hot licks, etc.

What if I don’t know what level I am?
Once you are at camp, you can self-select the level class you wish to attend. If the intermediate banjo class is too hard, just move to the beginners. Checking the level box on the application helps us with planning but you don’t have to stay with your level selection. Some students attend classes above or below their level for remediation or inspiration.

How old do I have to be to come to camp?
12 to 15 with parent in classes, otherwise, 16 and up. Camp Bluegrass classes are designed for adult learners. There is no supervision of students provided.

How early can I check in?
Registration is at 1pm Sunday July 16th. Rooms are unavailable before this time.

Can we stay over in the dorms on Friday night at the end of camp?
Lodging for Friday night is available for an extra charge.

What do I need to bring?
Be sure to bring bed linens (Extra long Twin), pillows, towels, and perhaps a reading lamp. You may want a recorder, tapes, etc., and batteries. Please ask your instructor if it ok to record the workshop.