Slow Jam

Slow Jam is designed for those wanting a group playing experience where all the songs use only the G, C, and D chords, and the tempos are slow. The songs are lead by faculty who will provide a Slow Jam Songbook and a wonderful, warm, and encouraging charm as you develop your musical skills. The slow jam meets every evening after the concerts.



Elliott Rogers will be offering a daily one hour workshop which will include listening to musical examples, discussion of style components (musical structure, subject matter, crafting lyrics and more) and writing exercises to incorporate some of these components.

Wil has become a highly acclaimed songwriter, a winner of the prestigious Merlefest songwriting competition and a Kerrville NewFolk finalist. She has performed on the Grand Ole Opry and NPRs Whaddya Know program, in addition to touring extensively in Europe and Japan.


Dobro Classes

Jimmy teaches a “hands on” class and promotes questions from the students. Backup playing, scales and the use of scales. Blues licks playing without a capo as well as creative uses of the capo are all covered. You will leave class sure of what to practice to dramatically become a better player.

Jimmy spends time with each student looking for problems that hold the student back. All of the information is placed in the context of popular Bluegrass,
Country and Blue tunes.



Vocal Classes

VOCAL (all levels)

A clearer understanding of some basic vocal principles can transform your singing experience! We’ll get to the heart of good vocal technique (including finding and broadening your range, tone quality, projection, phrasing and much more), explore the basics of bluegrass harmony and apply your new skills to some favorite bluegrass songs new and old.


Bass Classes

BASS (all levels)

Students will work to develop a “bluegrass way” of bass playing. Proper setup and technique will also be emphasized.


Fiddle Classes

FIDDLE (two levels, please choose one)

Beginning – For students with limited or no experience on the fiddle. Important techniques, proper form, and basic scales will be emphasized.

Intermediate/Advanced – All aspects of bluegrass fiddling will be covered including bow techniques, playing in tune, soloing, backup and fiddle tunes.


Mandolin Classes


Special workshops include beginning soloing, use of pentatonic scales, creating a solo for any song and more.


Guitar Classes

GUITAR (three levels, please choose one)

Beginning – For guitarists with little or no experience, this class will concentrate on pick direction, hand position, basic chord changes, rhythm patterns and Carter style lead playing.

Intermediate – Flatpicking lead guitar is one focus of this class. Topics include scale fingerings, passing chords, improvisation and special effects. Advanced rhythm guitar skills are also stressed.

Advanced – A continuation of the intermediate topics with emphasis on getting a professional sound, solo development and other special topics.


Banjo Classes

BANJO (three levels, please choose one)

Special banjo workshops will cover Scruggs style, melodic
and single string styles, backup and much more!

Beginning – Designed for students with limited or no experience on the 5 string banjo, this class will focus on the basics of good technique, hand position, chords, and roll patterns to help you learn quickly.

Intermediate – Designed for students who can already play at moderate tempos, and can successfully perform solos with a band. This class with help you get past the speed and technique barriers that many intermediate players encounter.

Advanced – We will work with students to develop proper left and right hand techniques. The goal is to achieve the “bluegrass banjo sound.” Solos, backup and melodic playing will also be emphasized.